you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time

よっ¢VΘωΘ)ノお知らせ // Notification



昨日は本当にどうもありがとう // Truly thank you for yesterday

書きたいことが山ほどある // I have heap of things I want to write about

けれど // But you know
このブログがそろそろ無くなってしまうのね // This blog will soon disappear and I can’t really do anything about it
もう少し残したいってお願いしたんだけど大人の事情でそうもいかないみたいで // I asked if it could be still left around for a while, but it’s not really my thing to decide and it seems like this blog can’t be kept here

なので // Because of that
新しいブログ作ることにしたよ // I decided to make a new blog

てか // I mean
作った!!// I already made it!!

だから // So because of this
昨日のことはそっちのブログに書くことにするな // I’m going to write about yesterday to that blog

残しておきたいからさ // Because I want it to be saved in someplace

メッセも新しいほうに頼むな //  Please send your messages to the new blog too

ちなみに // By the way
Twitterは残してもいいことになったので引き続きTwitterでもよろしく!// I can keep my twitter so as always treat me well there too!

メンメも今月いっぱいは残せるみたいだからまだ送れるよ // Seems like I can’t really catch up with all the messages I’ve got this month as there is a lot of them so send them again (note: not 100% about this…)
おれからも送りたいことがあるから落ち着いたら送るな // I also want to send some messages and once things have calmed down a bit I will


UNiTE.’s live「春に産まれたけどゆきみ!何かが起こるゆきバーサリー!」held at Shibuya WWW on Apr. 19th, 2014 was drummer Yukimi’s last live performance with the band. It was a bitter sweet day because Apr. 19th is also Yukimi’s birthday.

Due to severe back pain, Yukimi has to withdraw from the band as he is unable to continue drumming in this condition as advised by his doctor.

As the live performance came to the end, Shiina Mio representing UNiTE. presented a graduation certificate to Yukimi.

Losing his partner Yukimi is no doubt the hardest for bassist Haku. Shiina Mio wrote in his blog that he does not know what UNiTE. may become in the future but they will continue to perform lives with support drummers.